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giovedì 2 aprile 2015


For healing or love, you may want to place a photo
of someone on the 'receiving' side and jot a get-well
wish/prayer/intent on a piece paper.  Set your
radionic tool on the paper with the writing on the
'copy' side.  Do not leave indefinitely, especially
if it involves a person's photo.  Just an hour or two
is sufficient.

(Per la guarigione o l'amore, si consiglia di inserire una foto
di qualcuno sul lato 'ricezione'  e annotare su un pezzo di carta
desiderio / preghiera / intento , poni ora la carta con la scritta sul
lato 'copia'. Non lasciare a tempo indeterminato, in particolare
se si tratta di foto di una persona. Solo una o due ore
è sufficiente.

In some ways, the use of this tool is self-explanatory.
The idea of radionics is to imbue intent through will
and thought.  To make this more tangible, many find
tools like this helpful.

If your wish is more abstract, and does not have a
photographic subject, then jot down the intent
and place your paper on the copy side, while placing
your radionic tool on the receive side.  No need to
leave it longer than an hour or two in this case,



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