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domenica 16 aprile 2017

Chakra Sound 8 DIAPASON

This set comprises of 8 tuning forks tuned to the vibratoryfrequencies of the main Chakras which are located on frontand back of the body. These spinning centres consist ofVortices of high energy coming directly into the body fromthe Sublime Planes known collectively as the Aura or HumanEnergy Fields which connect on the Physical level into thedistribution network of the Meridian pathways.The optimum performance of the Chakra System is essentialto general health and well being as energy blockages inthem lead to many aspects of dysfunction across the BioenergeticBio-chemical and Bio-logical elements of the body.

Qui parliamo di 8 diapason che  sintonizzano con la loro vibrazione i principali Chakra che si trovano sul retro e di fronte al corpo. Questi centri  consistono in vortici di alta energia ' é importante per una salute ottima il perfetto funzionamneto del sistema energetico dei Chakra  questi diaposon sincronizzano la giusta vibrazione  portando energia benessere e eliminando i blocchi in ogni centro

vai al link per info e acquisto

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