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sabato 11 febbraio 2017

Leigh Spusta


Embark on spiritual adventure and discovery, the path opens before you...

Brought to you by internationally recognized brainwave audio entrainment specialist Leigh Spusta, this soundscape sets the pace for your journey to begin. Leigh created this musical landscape to include specific rhythms and frequencies known to promote expanded consciousness and deep relaxation.

As the soundscape begins, you are ushered into a realm of endless opportunity for adventure and self discovery. Begin by seeing yourself on a path, notice how and where it opens before you, this is your spiritual quest. The musical backdrop will carry into a space of magic, insight, and curiosity. After a time, you are gently brought into a deeper state that supports the further development and undfolding of your journey, you will notice how your inner world is rich with feeling and wisdom, there is no telling who, where, when, or what you may experience, but be sure you will get a sense of being connected at a higher, more spiritual level.


The deeply relaxing and moving music in this powerful new track is here to assist the listener in : 

- Enhancing Your Spiritual Power
- Pushing through Emotional Blocks
- Releasing Old or Negative Emotions
- Creating New Perspectives on Challenging Issues and Situations
- Empowerment to Create Positive Changes
- Accumulating and Harnessing Spiritual Energy
- Fueling Your Spiritual / Metaphysical Pursuits
- Journeying Deeper into Consciousness 

There are times when we feel the need to create a shift in our lives, be it emotionally, circumstantially, or spiritually / metaphysically. This powerful SoundScape is designed to not only create the mental and emotional space for you to work or meditate with, but actually stimulates the movement of energy. This movement may be experienced as emotion or as a more abstract feeling within you, either way, this energy is there to push through blocks, propel your purpose, or to move you into the process of emotional or spiritual healing. The intention you bring into the session will determine it's direction. So once you decide what that intention is, let the music begin to set the stage and move the energy forward, your consciousness and intention will do the rest. Targets a low alpha and theta brainwave state. Utilizing PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology. This recording is one continuous 20 minute track. 


Your spiritual adventure begins as you move deeply into the rich soundscapes...

Embark onto a new journey through Mystical Realms, follow the path of the spiritual warrior, seekers of wisdom, mystics and shamans. A new road to personal power and wisdom opens before you, the landscape of Life is your guide in the unfolding of your enchanted experience. The rich tapestry of sound and music carries you through a series of shifts, sonic events that move you and enable you to access higher states of consciousness, your meditative journey deepens to new levels. This 30 minute recording uses solfeggio tuning to bring you closer to the harmonics of nature, and has been encoded with a constant brainwave rhythm of 4.7 Hz which is in the low theta range, allowing you to access deep states of awareness, perfect for potent meditation, and mystical experiences.

With this recording you may experience :

- Profound Meditation
- Out of Body Experiences
- Lucid Dreams
- Spiritual Insight
- Emotional Healing
- Increased Psychic Awareness
- Communication with Spiritual Beings
- Deep Relaxation
- Feelings of Well-Being
- Religious Ecstasy


These recordings will bring you into an altered state of expanded consciousness, so you are advised to not listen while driving.

A special note : 

This is powerful audio medicine... Perfect for your meditation, deep stress release, sleep enhancement, spiritual practice, hypnosis, creativity, and more.

   Not simply "relaxing music", but a listening experience that engages your brain, body, mind, and emotions, guiding you on a journey into blissful peace and relaxation, and expanding your awareness, allowing for insight and tapping into your inner resources in a powerful way.

   By simply using this enjoyable technology for as little as 10 minutes per day, you will be creating new neural pathways in the brain that allow you to tap into the resourceful states of calm and focus, access your own inner wisdom, and you will ultimately respond to stress in a more centered and resilient way.

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